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Case law

Commonwealth Act No. 63, Oct. 21, 1936
An act providing for the ways in which Philippine citizenship may be lost or reqacquired (214k)
same, ASCII text format (6k)
In re Villapol, 9 Phil 706 (1908)
Effect of Treaty of Paris on the nationality of the son of a Spaniard, resident in the Philippines. Of historical interest only. (81k)
Commonwealth Act No. 473, June 17, 1939
An act to provide for the acquisition of Philippine citizenship by naturalization (HTML)
Muñoz v. Collector of Customs, 20 Phil. 494 (1911)
Man born in the Philippines of Filipina mother and Chinese father is a citizen. Of historical interest only. (336k)
Commonwealth Act No. 625, June 7, 1941
An act providing the manner in which the option to elect Philippine citizenship shall be declared by a person whose mother is a Filipino citizen (62 k)
Roa v. Insular Collector of Customs, 22 Phil. 316 (1912)
Chinese Exclusion Laws not applicable to Philippine citizens. (1263k)
Republic Act No. 530, June 16, 1950
An act making additional provisions for naturalization
Lim Teco v. Insular Collector of Customs, 24 Phil. 69 (1913)
Son of Chinese father and Filipino mother, held to have elected Chinese nationality at majority (of historical interest only; not reflective of current nationality law). (575k)
Republic Act No. 2630, June 18, 1960
An act providing for reacquisition of Philippine citizenship by persons who lost such citizenship by rendering service to, or accepting commission in, the armed forces of the United States (54k)
Sy Joc Lieng v. Sy Quia, 228 U.S. 335 (1913)
Conflicting claims to the estate of a Chinese merchant domiciled in the Philippines. (HTML)
Philippine Constitution of 1987, Art. IV (Citizenship)
Go Julian v. Philippine Islands, 45 Phil. 292 (1923)
Applying Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898). (Of historical interest only.) (471k)
Philippine Civil Code for Muslims, Presidential Decree No. 1083
Sharia law for Muslims, with respect particularly to matters of inheritance, divorce and family law. See also Art. 93, Civil Code, prohibiting any government official charged with the issuance of marriage licenses or with the celebration of marriage from going beyond the declarations of the parties and inquiring into any religious adherence or doctrine claimed to be held by an individual or his religious congregation. (44k)
Templeton v. Babcock, 52 Phil. 132 (1928)
Probate of will of U.S. citizen: domicile issues discussed. (701k)
Republic Act No. 8171, Oct. 23, 1995
An Act providing for the repatriation of Filipino women who have lost their Philippine citizenship by marriage to aliens and of natural-born Filipinos (59k)
same, ASCII text format (2k)
Tan Chong v. Secretary of Labor, 79 Phil. 249 (1947)
Jus soli principle of attribution of nationality applied. Now overruled — of historical interest only. (944k)
  Villahermosa v. Commissioner of Immigration, 80 Phil. 541 (1948)
"Jus sanguinis as predominating factor". (945k)
  Tio Tam v. Philippines, 101 Phil. 195 (1957)
Jus soli principle inapplicable to persons who had not been declared Filipino citizens prior to the overruling of Roa v. Collector of Customs, 23 Phil. 213. (373k)
  Zamboanga Transportation Co., Inc. v. Lim, 105 Phil. 1321 (1959)
"[I]llegitimate child followed the Philippine citizenship of his mother and did not have to elect his citizenship upon reaching the age of majority." (236k)
  Cuenco v. Secretary of Justice, 5 S.C.R.A. 108 (1962)
Election of citizenship by child of Filipino mother must be made in a "reasonable time"; such an election made after 7 years is ineffective. (351k)
  Board of Immigration Commissioners v. Go Callano, 25 S.C.R.A. 890 (1968)
Illegitimate child of Filipino mother and Chinese father is a Philippine citizen. (1398k)
  Vivo v. Cloribel, 25 S.C.R.A. 616 (1968)
Foreign-born minor children become Filipino citizens [only] if resident in the Philippines at the time of naturalization of a parent. (1617k)
  Commissioner of Immigration v. Go Tieng, 28 S.C.R.A. 237 (1969)
Marriage of alien woman to Filipino does not make the wife or her children Filipino citizens; necessity of a legal proceeding to show eligibility for naturalization. (807k)
  Republic of the Philippines v. Francisco Cokeng, S.Ct. May 4, 1968

But compare: Petition for naturalization of Field, 159 F.Supp. 144 (S.D.N.Y. 1958)



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