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U.S. District Court

Southern District of Florida (Miami)


Society of Lloyd's v. Poley

Filed: 07/22/03
Assigned to: Judge Joan A. Lenard
Demand: $270,000
Nature of Suit: 890
Lead Docket: None
Jurisdiction: Federal Question
Dkt# in other court: None
Cause: 28:1331 Federal Question

SOCIETY OF LLOYD'S                Peter Harlan Levitt
plaintiff                    FTS 858-4777
                                  [COR LD NTC]
                                  Adorno & Yoss
                                  2601 S Bayshore Drive
                                  Suite 1600
                                  Miami, FL 33133


JON POLEY                         Cecile S. Hatfield
     defendant                    FTS 893-9863
                                  Suite D-9
                                  [COR LD NTC]
                                  1556 NE Quayside Terrace
                                  Miami, FL 33138


DATE     #                   DOCKET     ENTRY

7/22/03 1 COMPLAINT for Recognition of Foreign Country Money Judgment filed; FILING FEE $150.00 RECEIPT # 886227 ; Magistrate Judge Simonton (rn) [Entry date 07/23/03]
7/23/03 2 SUMMONS issued for Jon Poley (ra) [Entry date 07/24/03]
7/24/03 3 ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE plaintiff shall provide legal authority to support its position that this Court has diversity jurisdiction set RESPONSE to Show Cause Order for 3:00 8/4/03 ( Signed by Judge Joan A. Lenard on 7/24/03) [EOD Date: 7/25/03] (tb) [Entry date 07/25/03]
8/4/03 4 MEMORANDUM OF LAW IN RESPONSE to [3-2] Order to Show Cause by Society of Lloyd's (ra) [Entry date 08/05/03]
8/4/03 5 APPENDIX to: [4-1] response by Society of Lloyd's to order to show cause (ra) [Entry date 08/05/03]
8/13/03 6 MEMORANDUM by Jon Poley in opposition to [4-1] response to [3-2] Order to Show Cause (ra) [Entry date 08/14/03]
8/13/03 7 NOTICE of special appearance for Cecile Hatfield to object to jurisdiction by Jon Poley (ra) [Entry date 08/14/03]

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