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U.S. District Court



Society of Lloyd's v. Denbo

Filed: 12/20/02
Assigned to: Judge Todd J. Campbell
Demand: $0,000
Nature of Suit: 150
Lead Docket: None
Jurisdiction: Diversity
Dkt# in other court: None
Cause: 28:1332 Diversity-Overpayment & Enforcement of Judgment

SOCIETY OF LLOYD'S, THE           W. Scott Sims
     pltf                         [COR LD NTC]
                                  Walker, Bryant, Tipps & Malone
                                  2300 One Nashville Place
                                  150 Fourth Avenue, N
                                  Nashville, TN 37219-2415
                                  (615) 313-6000


DONALD SCOTT DENBO                Nader Baydoun
     deft                         [COR LD NTC]
                                  Baydoun & Reese
                                  First Union Tower
                                  150 Fourth Avenue, N
                                  Suite 2120
                                  Nashville, TN 37219-2425
                                  (615) 256-7788


DATE     #                   DOCKET     ENTRY

12/20/02 1 COMPLAINT w/ att'd exhibits A-E (Summons(es) issued) Filing fee paid in the amount of $150, Receipt #89429 (af) [Entry date 12/21/02]
12/20/02 2 NOTICE of Initial Case Management Conference: ICMC set for 11:30 a.m. on 2/19/03, Case referred to Magistrate Judge Joe B. Brown (af) [Entry date 12/21/02]
12/23/02 3 ORDER by Judge Todd J. Campbell: This case is referred to the Magistrate Judge for customized case management. Discovery is not stayed absent further order of the Court. This case shall be set for trial upon completion of ICMC by order of the District Judge. Counsel for pltf shall serve a copy of this Order on deft. EOD 12/23/02 (cc: all counsel) (dlt)
1/6/03 4 RETURN OF SERVICE executed upon deft Donald Scott Denbo on 1/6/03 by personal service (vm) [Entry date 01/07/03]
2/21/03 5 ORDER by Magistrate Judge Joe B. Brown: A Case Management Conference was held 2/19/03. The deft shall file an answer or other appropriate pleading to respond to the complaint and shall file any motion to stay proceedings in this matter by 3/14/03. (cc: all counsel) EOD 2/24/03 (vm) [Entry date 02/24/03]
3/14/03 6 NOTICE by parties that they have reached an agreement to resolve case (vm)
3/18/03 7 ORDER by Magistrate Judge Joe B. Brown: The parties have filed a notice that they have reached an agreement to resolve all claims in this matter. In view of the notice of proposed settlement defts need not file further responses in this matter, provided the notice of dismissal is filed with the District Court by 4/25/03. The Clerk is directed to forward the file to Judge Campbell. Terminating case referral to Magistrate Judge Joe B. Brown. (cc: all counsel) EOD 3/19/03 (vm) [Entry date 03/19/03]
4/9/03 -- PROPOSED Agreed Order of dismissal of all claims in this action (vm) [Entry date 04/10/03]
4/14/03 8 AGREED ORDER by Judge Todd J. Campbell: All claims in this action have been compromised and settled. This action is dismissed with prejudice. (cc: all counsel) EOD 4/15/03 (vm) [Entry date 04/15/03]

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END OF DOCKET: 3:02cv1220

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