8 October 1996

Times Law Reports

Commercial Court of the Queen's Bench Division

Lloyd's litigation: Outstanding cases


Lloyd's litigation - outstanding cases


Outstanding cases


Mr Justice Cresswell issued a statement on September 23 concerning outstanding cases in the Lloyd's litigation in the Commercial Court of the Queen's Bench Division.

HIS LORDSHIPsaid that the Commercial Court wished to identify which, if any, of the outstanding cases forming part of the Lloyd's litigation, as defined in his Lordship's statement dated March 22, 1996 (The Times April 5, 1996) (i) to which a trial date had been assigned and (ii) to which no trial date had been assigned, remained effective in whole or in part following the recent market settlement.


To that end his Lordship would be grateful if all solicitors acting for names in outstanding cases would write to the clerk to the Commercial Court within the next 14 days setting out the position as to the cases in which they had been instructed.


Such letters should be copied to the solicitors acting for all other parties, who were of course free to write to the clerk to the Commercial Court setting out their understanding of the position.